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Your ad budget is precious; you need to maximize the efficiency of every dollar spent. We have a process, the capability and the experience to do just that. We know how to reach your target market, including the nuanced segments. It isn't just frequency, reach and demographics. We know how to analyze results and we know how to achieve continuous improvement. We care about your business strategy, your messaging and how advertising fits into your overall business objectives. We'd love to start a dialogue and learn more about your needs. There's no fuss, no commitment and we're nice and very easy to deal with.



Our stated service is media planning and buying. But our objective is for your advertising spend to be both successful (it grows your business!) and efficient. To that end we are willing to lend our expertise to assist you in your marketing strategy and tactics including helping define your target audience and messaging strategy. What we don't do is create your creative assets; but we do work well with creative teams whether in house or agency. How much we get involved is up to you.




Metrics & Optimization

We love results data. We track front end metrics such as click through rate and cost per click as well as important back end metrics such as site engagement, lead or contact generation, downloads etc. This data is a key part of our continuous improvement process. Each publication/site, placement and creative treatment is subject to our optimization efforts. Monthly (or more frequent) reports provide an understanding of this optimization and provides accountability.




Media, Publishers & Sites

We have a wide mix of publisher experience both B to C and B to B. In the last three years we’ve purchased media from 50 sites/publishers. This experience includes industry specific, broad consumer and highly targeted specialty sites/publications. Examples include Dow Jones (WSJ and Barron’s), LinkedIn,, CNBC, Yahoo!, Seeking Alpha, ETF Trends, Morningstar, Google, Investment News, and Bloomberg. Online, print, radio, out of home, and more; if there is an advertising opportunity we’ve likely done it. This experience helps our clients in two ways. First, we have the contacts, the relationships and the understanding to unearth the opportunities that work best for our clients. Second, we have data on how these opportunities perform.

Industry Experience

We have extensive experience in the financial services industry, in particular the asset management industry both ETF and mutual fund sponsors. We understand this industry extremely well and that means we understand the products, the limitations and, critically, the various types of advisors and how to reach them. We also have experience in other B to B verticals including the SaaS industry.

Our industry experience is great, but what really makes this all work is our process. Understanding how to reach your audience, how to get the best placements and rates, which media work best and how to continuously improve. These are the things that make Orbis Marketing work for our clients.


Founded in 2001, Orbis Marketing has offices in Chicago and Los Angeles. Since our founding we’ve purchased media on behalf of over 50 different clients from over 100 different publishers. Our media planning and buying services are driven by our results oriented approach to advertising. The tracking of advertising results coupled with our proprietary research allows us to know where to advertise, and critically, what rate to pay.

Mini Case Study

Client: ETF Sponsor

Business Challenge: Sophisticated new product offerings in a competitive/crowded marketplace which features a large number of new product offerings.

Target Audience: Fee-only and traditional Wall Street advisors that invest in ETFs; sophisticated self-directed investors that invest in ETFs and understand investing in more sophisticated investment vehicles.

Solution: Using Orbis Marketing’s benchmarking and targeting data a media plan was constructed which reached target audience segments efficiently. Excellent creative agency produced top flight creative assets which were deployed against the media plan. At launch results data was used to optimize the creative set, the placements and publishers.

Outcome: Traffic driven to client site in volume and at right cost. Continuous improvement in key metrics including cost per metrics and, critically, meaningful flows into ETFs.

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