Privacy Policy

What Information Do We Collect?

If you provide it, we will collect your name, firm, phone number, email address and other relevant contact information you provide should you complete a form on the site.

Through our analytics provider (Google Analytics) we may collect data such as your IP address and information about how you came to our site. If you came to this site as a result of viewing an advertisement for Orbis Marketing this information might include the ads you may have seen and the sites on which you viewed them. If you arrived at this site as a result of search query we may collect the search terms you used in your query. This information is generally not specific to any individual and is collected and utilized at aggregate level. The completion of a form on this site may allow us to tie your information to our specific advertising activity.

What Information Do We Share?

We don't sell data about our visitors or customers. We don't share personal information with others either, meaning if you complete a form on our website we won't share or sell that information to others.

Use of Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies

We do make use of cookies (and potentially other tracking technologies) including cookies and other technologies implemented by our analytics provider and various advertising platforms. This information is anonymous in nature and utilized by us at the aggregate level. This data is used to improve our advertising efforts. It may also be utilized to target visitors with advertisements displayed on other sites. The providers of these third party cookies and other tracking technologies may use this data in other ways unrelated to Orbis Marketing.

Control of Your Data

If you request, we will delete any personally identifiable data about you that we have collected as a result of your visit to our web site. We will also remove you from any email lists and our CRM upon request. We will also assist you to the extent we can to remove any data collected by third parties that resulted from a visit to this site. To make these requests please email us at