Our Team

Emerson Guerrero


Emerson is the Chief Executive Officer at Orbis Marketing and works to oversee strategy and direction for our clients. He believes understanding the bigger picture and revenue aspirations for each client is key to any successful marketing partnership. Emerson has been able to take ideas and translate them into practical, executable strategies that have driven growth for companies and brands including  Barbie, Thomas The Tank Engine and The University of Southern California. Emerson resides in La Canada with his wife Melissa and enjoys a nice steak, a good guitar solo and hitting any golf shot that somehow manages to stay straight. 

Erin Evans


“Can I look at that TikTok video before you post it?”

Erin was invited to open the Chicago office for Orbis Marketing in 2010 and has been having fun at work ever since.  She oversees all client work and publisher and platform onboarding.  Prior to joining Orbis, she served as regional sales director at Morningstar, Inc. after several years at the Chicago Tribune and full-service agency Ackerman McQueen.  Erin graduated with a B.A. in English and History of Art from The Ohio State University.  When Erin is not monitoring campaigns, she loves getting outdoors and spending time with her husband Dave, daughter Brynn and puppy Luke.

Megan Thomas


Megan Thomas joined Orbis Marketing in 2011 as the director of accounts responsible for media planning and buying, campaign management and reporting.  Megan spent 9 years at Morningstar Inc. in account director and marketing manager roles. Other career experience includes media sales executive positions with SmartMoney and Rolling Stone. Outside of work Megan serves on the school fundraising board and her interests include dancing, gourmet food and travel and spending time with her husband and daughter.

Jim Atkinson


“Sufficiently advanced advertising is indistinguishable from magic.”

With more than 35 years of hands on marketing experience and the founder of Orbis Marketing, Jim applies his expetise to the strategic challenges faced by clients trying to grow their business. Jim loves pouring over results data with an eye to improving results and believes digital marketing is part art and part science…particularly if you are able to see art in an Excel spreadsheet.