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Research, white papers, point of view (POV) pieces and assorted knowledge based communications pieces can be found here.

Orbis Client Success Brief

It's not magic; it just seems like it. Using real client data, this presentation walks you through the nuts and bolts of optimizing a campaign to improve results.
Statistical Significance in Evaluating Advertising Response Rates

You've been diligent in gathering data and are ready to optimize. But is your data reliable? This research brief explains the concept of statistical reliability in a way that non-math/stats geeks will understand. More fun than you though you'd have reading about statistics!
Online Advertising for ETF & Mutual Fund Sponsors

This white paper, revised and refreshed in 2016, touches on a variety of topics related to online advertising including expected results, optimization, technical tracking details and much more.
Arro Financial Communications Big Tips for New (ETF) Issuers

The guide for new ETF issuers that helps explain a variety of topics regarding the launching and marketing of ETFs. Orbis Marketing contributed the (super exciting) section on online advertising.
The Landing Page: The What, Why and Best Practices

If you're not sure what a landing page is then this thought piece is for you. And if you know what a landing page is you might find our best practice suggestions of help. The landing page is a critical component of the advertising chain and paying some never-mind here will boost your results.
Formatting Query Strings

The consistent formatting of your query strings can be a big help in data analytics. Here we offer a few simple tips to make sure your query strings are constructed to serve your needs.
Summer Advertising?

Should you or should you not advertise in July or August? The presumption is that viewers are at the beach reading trashy novels and not consuming the media where our ads are placed. In this short research brief we look at the facts, both viewership and response rates. Focus is on the finance vertical.

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